The most popular screen filter app f.lux has now made available for Android phones, which brings Android N’s Night mode and more to older phones. Released as a preview version on Play store, f.lux automatically change screen temperature (removes bright blue colors) and brightness depending on the time and location. It is a proven fact that blue light emitting from phone’s display affects sleeping, work quality and eyestrain.

Android N’s Night mode and iOS 9.3’s Night Shift mode are designed to give users a good night’s sleep and both are a core system function. However, f.lux has more features like options for selecting different screen filters, darkroom mode, wake up time settings and more. The only limitation is that it requires a rooted phone and otherwise it will not do much.

As said, f.lux is a preview version and it is not fully functional yet. Though it works on most rooted Lollipop and Marshmallow devices, many Samsung Galaxy devices does not support. Also, your screen will flash anytime an app is updated through Google Play.


There are several apps on Play store, such as Twilight, Lux Auto Brightness, etc. to bring Night mode on Android without root access, but most of them have basic features or does not work as intended.

Filtering the blue light emitting from your phone’s screen during the night will reduce eyestrain. Studies shows that bright blue light could kill Melatonin production (that controls your sleep) which makes it harder to fall asleep.

When using your Android phone during the night and experiencing trouble falling asleep or your kids hyperactive while using his/her tab in the night, the f.lux app may be a good solution. Download f.lux app [HERE] from Play store.


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