There are too many battery saving apps available on Play store to extend battery life, but in reality, most of them do very little. However, Avast Battery Saver offers a great way to help extend your phone’s battery life by 20 percent between charges. This handy tool helps you quickly optimize your phone’s battery life.

There are various reasons for drying out your device’s battery life before your day completes. Background running apps, always on Wi-Fi/ mobile data, auto sync, screen brightness, screen rotation, Bluetooth, and vibration when ringing are the most common reasons. By controlling these as per your requirements, you can extend your phone’s battery life. Avast Battery Saver helps you do this just with a tap.



Avast Battery Saver is a free download on Play store (ad supported). Install the app [HERE] and run it. It shows the time remaining on your current charge for certain tasks as well as currently running apps. Just tap on the ‘Stop running apps’ button to kill all the running apps (you may need to enable the app in the accessibility settings to work)

Avast Battery Saver provides 5 different profiles to extend your phone’s battery life, such as Work, Home, Night, Smart, Emergency. Each mode is configurable as per your requirements and activate automatically (if enabled the auto start option).

The ‘Smart’ profile will be activated automatically, if you have not selected any other profile, while, the ‘Emergency’ profile will activate when the battery level goes to below 25 percent.

To configure a profile for your needs, just tap the profile button and then select a profile. Tap the cog icon to adjust settings or tap the Start button to start the profile.

Let us know does the app help you to increase the battery life on your Android phone.

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