If you are experiencing overnight battery drain on your Android phone, it might be due to several system services and apps that run in the background. This will keep the phone stay awake and drain the battery. ‘Servicely’ which is a free download on Play store can automatically stop such system services and apps and saves battery.

Of course, Android has a power management mechanism called Wakelock to save battery, but many apps use this feature to stay awake even when you close that app. So, even if you close all the running apps and turn off the screen, if the battery continues to drain more quickly, then you might think about Servicely app.


Servicely app requires root access on your phone. The app is similar to the popular Greenify app, but it requires only a small memory footprint. In addition, the app runs every X second (default 60 seconds) instead of only when screen is off to check if those services that you have selected are alive.

Also, as Servicely do its job in the background thread, your normal Android experience will not affect.


If you find your phone’s battery drained more quickly even when you exited apps and turned off the screen or drains overnight for no apparent reason, then you can try Servicely.

Though the app is a free download, there is an option to purchase a “Pro” key, but you can use all the features for free toggling the right option. [Download the app from Here]

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