Has Lollipop’s Heads up notifications annoying you? Here is how to disable Lollipop’s heads up notification and bring back the old ticker notification (notifications on status bar) on your Lollipop phone. You can do this simply by installing a free app called Ticklr. This app disables heads-up notification and restores notifications in the status bar.

Android Lollipop’s heads-up notifications is a useful feature as you can respond (by just double tapping) or dismiss (by just swiping away) a notification without leaving the app you are in. However, it can annoy you when receiving too many messages, for example from WhatsApp. Ticklr brings a solution to this annoyance by restoring the ticker notification in Lollipop devices.



The working of the app is perfect. Notifications on the status bar looks just as in the previous Android version. You can view both messages and the sender, and most importantly, it automatically disables the system heads-up notifications.

Installation and Set up:

1. Once installed [Download HERE], launch the app and enable the Notification access.

2. It automatically disables the heads up notifications. If you need, you can enable/disable it from app’s settings menu (Settings – Ticker).

3. You can enable/disable notification for each app. By default, all apps are selected. From Apps menu, uncheck apps that you do not need.

4. Ticklr app also provides features like notifications on the lock screen, custom color, wake the screen for a short time when receiving a notification and more. All these can be customized from its settings menu.

Ticklr app has also a pro version with few more features such as automatic color selection for each app notification, custom settings for each app and settings for max lines, scroll speed, etc.

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