System settings on Android are universal and there is no option to change it depending on the applications that we use. App Config realizes this by letting you add different settings for each application individually, so when you open an application the settings will automatically applied and when you close the application the settings will returned to the previous state.

App Config is a quite simple to use app. Only you have to select the applications from the list and apply system settings (brightness level, screen timeout, mobile data on/off state, etc.) for it, so that when you open this app, the settings will automatically applies and return to universal settings when you close it.


What we can change in system configuration are brightness level, the screen orientation, screen timeout, volume, mobile data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth on/off state, which means the application can provide several possibilities to control the resource use of your phone.


The App Config has also a paid version, which provides additional features such as system wide settings, settings for launchers, option to start on boot and no ads.

The free version is available on Google Play for Android from version 2.3 onwards.

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