The latest advancement in web technologies offers a brighter future for game developers, as they can make cross-platform, fast rendering 3D games that runs on all standards-compliant browsers. In addition to this, Mozilla’s recent announcement of Gamepad and Mouse Lock support in Firefox browser will encourage gamers to play games with more fun.

The Gamepad API (application programming interface) in Firefox means, it let game developers enable gamepad access from within Firefox browser and at the same time, allow users play games like sports and actions with more fun.

“The ability to control games with a gamepad is something that has only been available to consoles and desktop computer games, until today. You can now connect a gamepad to your computer via USB or Bluetooth and immediately access it within Firefox using JavaScript, it’s that cool”.

If you have interested to use the Gamepad API today, you can try a custom build of Firefox and use a demonstration file to test it out. Read more about this subject and download custom build Firefox at the original source here.

Check out a short video demonstration of the Gamepad API below.

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