Microsoft’s Android App On{X}, What It Is & How To use It


Microsoft has fame and name in the tech world but I have never thought Microsoft will ever come up with an Android application. This is really very strange in the Android world. The application named on{X} (pronounced as on-ex) allows users to control their Android devices based on what they are doing.


It claims that the app will take your lifestyle to a new level through remote programming. Since we all have been using our mobile phone to access internet, calendars, contacts and more, and now with on{X} you will be able to automate yourself. It will alert you as well as remind you about your day-to-day task.

For example, your mother/wife wants you to bring some material to home while coming back from office. Then she could update the info on the on{X} website, which will be instantly transferred to your Smartphone, and while coming back to home, the android client will detect the environment and let you know that you have to get the required stuff to your home. Doesn’t it sound really cool?


Basically, on{x} is a scheduling app. To start using it, install the app from Google Play on your Android device and then visit the on{X} landing page. Both the app and website needs your Facebook account to login.

All the settings that are made on the on{X} websites are immediately configured on your smartphones. This beta service currently provides 11 default templates that can be easily customized according to the events happening around you. These templates are actually termed as “recipes”.


To use it, just click “recipes” and you’ll be redirected to a page where you can use the rules that Microsoft has already written. You can also create your own rules, if you know the JavaScript code.

This is really a wonderful application and easy to use as well. Here I am adding a video also that will help you to get further information about this great app, because it will help you to remember everything on the go.

Internet explorer 8 and up, Firefox and Chrome are at the top on the list of the supported browsers. Also, it supports android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) only. Visit on{X} landing page and download the app from Google Play Store.


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