Conceptboard for Google+ Hangouts: An Ideal Tool for Academic Use

After introducing the Google+ Hangouts API, Conceptboard may be the first project released by third parties to use with Google+ Hangouts. This is a chrome extension, which can be useful, if for example, to teamwork on your thoughts, ideas and documents together with your real-time friends in a Google+ Hangout along with your video chat.Conceptboard

Conceptboard for Google+ Hangouts allows you to open a whiteboard-like space on the hangout window. On that window, you can write text, draw lines, shapes using advanced drawing tools, import files (images, PDF, Microsoft Office) and can store your work in Google Docs.

Whether you want to work on a document, give somebody private lessons or organize the next high school reunion, Conceptboard for Google+ Hangouts is an easy and fun way to work cooperatively.

Checkout the short video below to know how it works

Conceptboard for Google+ Hangouts can be installed from Chrome Web Store

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  1. ayoub

    Nov 10, 2013 at 6:37 am

    Hello ,
    Nice App, Is there any possibility to connect it with a galaxy note 10.1 ?

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