How to Put Your Phone into Deep Sleep Mode to Save Battery

By putting your Android phone into deep sleep mode while the screen is off, you can save your battery power significantly. What is deep sleep mode? In this mode, your mobile data and background running apps will turn off automatically. Both are the main culprits for battery eating, so turning them off when not in use will extend battery life.

To put your phone into deep sleep mode you need to install “Deep Sleep Battery Saver” app from Play Store. This app lets you choose different profiles for automatically turn off and turn on services and apps as per your requirements.

Also, you can create custom deep sleep mode for turning off individual services, underclock the CPU (required root access on the phone) and only activate at certain times.


Deep Sleep Battery Saver is simple to use. Once installed, open the app and select ‘Profile’ tab. Select a sleep profile that suites your needs. The custom profile lets you change the value (required in app purchase) and select individual services and background running apps.

Deep Sleep Battery Saver app can be downloaded free from Play Store.

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