A Best To Do List Manager For Android


Are you one of them who often forgot their daily tasks? The to do list application for Android mobile phone called Taskos may help you. This simple to use Android to do list manager comes with several useful features like viewing your daily agenda , scheduled alerts etc.To-do-list-for-Android
Taskos Features includes:

  1. Speech to Text support
  2. Beautiful user interface
  3. Easy calling from within the to do list
  4. Auto-complete support (contact, popular verbs etc.)
  5. Super Widget
  6. Scheduled alerts
  7. Enhanced productivity methodologies
  8. Pre-defined Categories
  9. Set Importance
  10. Edit Notes
  11. Easy Sorting
  12. Tasks Sharing
  13. Supports Android 1.5 and higher

Download Taskos to do list manager for Android



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