[Download] Microsoft Launcher 4.3 is More Customizable than Nova and Action Launcher


Microsoft Launcher is one of the best homescreen replacement apps for Android. The latest version (v4.3) is more customizable than the popular Nova and Action launcher. Integration of Microsoft products and maximum customization options are the main reasons for wide acceptance (more than 10 million downloads) of this launcher. Also, this is a memory and battery friendly launcher.

Previously called Arrow launcher, Microsoft Launcher is simple, fast and handy for those who want things done fast on their Android phone. The latest version (v4.3) offers new user experience, settings enhancements, more apps grids (12 columns and 12 rows), new folder icon for home, and more.

Microsoft Launcher 4.3 is More Customizable than Nova and Action Launcher

What is new in Microsoft Launcher 4.3?

– Home App Grid: Now you can create a grid with up to 12 columns and 12 rows, you can move apps and widgets to half of the grid cells.

– New user experience: On the welcome page, you can import the layout from another launcher or restore a Microsoft Launcher backup.

– Home: redesign fonts for fonts used for apps and folders names, changed the shape and look of folders on home, the dock supports more than 5 apps, a search bar that can also be placed down to default.

– Settings Enhancements: the chosen theme is also applied to settings, redesigning the settings.

– Apps drag & drop no longer open modification mode.

The launcher also features a cleaner user interface, ‘Continue on PC’ (allows opening photos, docs and web pages on Windows 10 PC from Android phone), Bing search, Wunderlist, Microsoft Office and more. The launcher is also memory and battery friendly. It will not eat up your battery power and memory more.

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Generally, Microsoft Launcher is pretty simple, good and user friendly. It helps users keep organized and brings better experience. You can personalize your Android phone to match your style with wallpapers, theme colors, icon packs and more.

Microsoft’s Launcher is available from the Google Play Store. (Source)


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