pendriveLooking a way to boot an operating system, for example Ubuntu, installed on a USB flash drive from your PC that has no USB boot support?

Some old motherboard doesn’t support USB booting. But you can add USB boot support for such PCs with the help of a small program called Plop Boot Manager.

This program allows you to access USB devices (or any drive) without the need of bios. Here is how to.

  1. Download Plop Boot Manager from here (1.3Mb) and extract it.
  2. Burn the image fie (plpbt.iso) into a CD using a burning software like Nero to make it a bootable CD.
  3. Insert this bootable CD into the CD/DVD drive and restart your PC.
  4. Your PC should boot from this CD (if not, change the boot order to give CD/DVD Drive higher precedence from bios).
  5. You can see a user screen where you can select the boot device. Select USB from this list.

Hope this brief tutorial will help you boot your PC using USB Stick. And, if you would like to create a bootable Ubuntu USB, this tutorial may help you.



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