The issue of choosing a proper server for your hosting is still very relevant. This is due to several factors. Such an issue is strongly connected with a phenomenal amount of different websites and options for both setup and server room installation.

The second reason is since the range of use of servers varies a lot: from the maintenance of information databases of large organizations and corporations to the maintenance and operation of small online stores.

What is better for dedicated server - sata or nvme

Before you start searching for the needed equipment, you first should realize for what exact purposes and tasks it will be required. We have prepared material that will help you to decide which dedicated server and which disk drive is better to choose for your web resource. There are considered to be 2 main options, that are both relevant and popular: SSD and NVMe drives.

What is SSD Drive?

We will not choose the option of using the HDD (hard drive), since they are outdated not only morally, but also technically. They lose in all aspects and are not suitable for modern realities.
SSD drive is a solid-state drive and the most popular choice on the market. The appearance of such disks has opened up new opportunities for work and many other options. The new generation of drives has surpassed the classic HDD at times. 
A distinctive feature of SSD disks is the absence of moving parts. This became possible due to the use of new technology in the development of drive architecture. The device works using Flash memory and has absolutely no moving parts like its predecessor. Reading and writing information to a disk happens due to microcircuits, and not to a magnetic disk and head. The transition to this architecture provided greater reliability and significantly reduced the risk of physical damage.
Regarding the speed of reading and writing, SSDs are 10 times faster than HDDs. An updated interface is responsible for such speed (compared to the preliminary SATA connection interface). Basic models for such drives have speeds from 480 to 600 Mb/s, but servers require high-speeded options. They cost more, but the reading/writing speed will be 1500 Mb/s. Keep in mind that reading speed will always be higher than writing speed.

Benefits of Using SSDs on Dedicated Servers

Let`s have a closer look at what advantages you will get if creating the SSD on your dedicated server (there are a lot!)

  • Due to its architecture and the absence of moving parts in the design, you no longer have to worry about the disc being shaken and hit with weak and medium strength. Even if the drive falls on the carpet from the table, you still will be able to use it safely and not worry about data loss or the emergence of critical failures.
  • High read and write speeds thanks to the new interface.
  • Ability to perform up to 100,000 operations per second.
  • You can reconnect the drive without turning off the system itself.
  • Lifetime of approximately 1.5 million hours.
  • Maximum disk size – 4 Terabytes.
  • Low temperatures during operation, which affects its performance.
  • Easy to use and reconnect. Technical work will not take much time, which will positively affect the work of your site.
  • Servers with SSD drives have higher fault tolerance. Thus, even with a high load and a large number of requests from users, the site will work stably.

What is NVMe Drive?

NVMe drives are an updated version of SSD drives with improved read and write speeds. This became possible due to the type of connection to the motherboard via the PCI interface. They are similar to classic SSD drives in terms of performance, but some parameters have been changed and improved significantly.
The drive itself has become several times smaller, which saves space and does not interfere with the movement of air flows inside the system. Due to this, its heating indicators have become lower as well. The disk heats up less, meaning that its life span is also increased.

In recent years, radiator-cooled NVMe drives have become available. The bar is attached to the top of the disk, which improves heat transfer. It prevents the device from heating up above 50 degrees Celsius. This directly affects the speed, quality of work, and service life.

Benefits of Using NVMe on Dedicated Servers

Let’s look at the benefits of a dedicated NVMe server and move on to choosing the best drive:

  • Improved heat transfer performance. The disk does not get as hot as it was previously during functioning.
  • Easy installation and replacement, making maintenance easier. This means that in case of an emergency, your resource will not stay idle for long.
  • Increased read/write speed of files. Compared to classic SSD drives, the performance has increased several times.
  • Has its protocol from Intel, which provides accelerated processing of users` requests.
  • Improved bandwidth.
  • Resistant to different kinds of hits and vibrations.
  • Has no moving parts, making it more reliable.
  • Servers with NVMe SSDs perform consistently even in situations where the memory is full.

Which Drive is Better to Choose?

On the one hand, everything is clear: the higher the quality characteristics and performance indicators, the better the device. Therefore, it is worth choosing it. Is it so? Not always. It all depends on what the dedicated server will be loaded with. The cost of disks is different because servers with NVMe drives will cost more.

Support for Small Sites and Resources

A good option would be a classic SSD drive. Its capacity and configuration will be enough to support websites of small size and load. If you want to get maximum efficiency from your disk, then there is the option of creating an additional RAID configuration.
RAID is a technology that allows you to combine several disks at once and virtualize them. The use of this technology will increase the fault tolerance and the overall performance of the system.

Game Servers and Internet Resources

Basic SSDs can handle this task as well. If the project is large but is still in development (having room to grow), then classic SSDs can be used. However, when buying, consider the speed indicators. Try to get a model with 1500 MB/s read/write performance and provide the maximum SSD server storage possible.

A One-stop Solution with Almost No Borders

Servers with NVMe – a universal solution for all “problems”. This type of server has a large margin of power and quickly processes requests and data. Yes, it costs more than a classic SSD, but you will also have more resources at your disposal. If you are planning to develop a project (website), improve it and count on an early inflow of a large audience, then you should pay attention to this category of dedicated servers.


Summing up, we can conclude that if you have extra funds and you are sure that your investments will pay off, then choose servers with NVMe drives. In the future, when the resource grows, they will still come in handy and you won’t have to switch to a server with NVMe disks. If the budget is limited, estimate the situation with your website or service, and purchase SSD that will suit your needs.

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