Partially installed/ uninstalled or broken Windows Live Messenger may causes trouble to you when reinstalling it. You can’t remove it in the normal way, because WLM might not even appear in the list of Add/Remove program.

So you need a special tool to remove corrupted or broken installation of Windows Live Messenger (WLM) or MSN Messenger. Here is two free tools for removing WLM completely from your PC.

Windows Live Messenger Uninstaller is freeware tool that removes broken WLM installation from your computer.

It really uses only the windows installer (msiexec.exe) to do the job combined with the CLSID of the installation that uniquely identifies the WLM version.

Another tool is WLM Uninstaller that can also remove WLM or MSN messenger from your PC just with a click. If you find it difficult to remove WLM /MSN Messenger via Add/Remove program you can use this tool.

Download Windows Live Messenger Uninstaller and WLM Uninstaller



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