Migrating data to the cloud

Many companies these days decide to migrate data to the cloud. It is worth finding out how to implement these actions in an effective way.

Choosing a cloud

When planning the migration of data to the cloud, the first thing to consider is the choice of the cloud. Currently, there are three types of clouds available. Among them, both private and public clouds are indicated. A private cloud is privately owned, so there is a lot of freedom in its management. On the other hand, public cloud infrastructure is shared among more users and is owned by the service provider. Therefore, when using a public cloud, you need to adapt to its requirements. There is also a hybrid cloud, which is a combination of private and public cloud. This will be an excellent solution for many businesses.

Assessing the costs

There may be some additional costs associated with cloud infrastructure services, which should be evaluated before implementing such a solution. When investing in the cloud, the customer does not have to bear the costs associated with IT infrastructure development. However, the operation of the cloud may involve costs for data transfer or moving the operating system from its original location. In addition, costs are very often incurred for drawing up an appropriate agreement with the service provider, which confirms the availability of specific services.

Service Provider Selection

Another important aspect when implementing cloud in an enterprise is choosing a specific service provider. Usually, most of the public providers offer a scalable environment but where there is no complete control over the resources. This issue is very important for entrepreneurs who process quite large amounts of data on a daily basis. In this case, a better solution will be to choose a private cloud, which can be freely modified with regard to your needs. When choosing a provider, you should pay attention to such aspects as the comprehensiveness of the services and the directness of the contact with the service.

Organisation of Procedures

The choice of a specific cloud will also be related to the ways of its organization. This includes the organization of work and procedures, as well as security policies. In the case of using a public cloud, part of the responsibility is transferred to the provider, so it should be chosen carefully. You should check all the procedures implemented and make sure that they are fully secure. This way, the data stored in the cloud will certainly be properly protected from unauthorized people.

Migration Schedule

The last aspect of migrating data to the cloud will be creating a schedule for the course of all necessary actions. It should indicate the specific data to be transferred, as well as the date of its transfer. Apart from that, it is worth establishing the responsibilities of the team and indicating specific tasks to individual team members. After performing all the necessary actions, it is necessary to check the correct functioning of the entire system.

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