More and more companies are choosing to find and engage programmers through outsourcing. With this method, it is possible to gather a team with the best qualifications, from the global market. Not surprisingly, outsourcing has become a very important tool in the software industry. There are many advantages to Polish outsourcing nowadays because Poland has gained great popularity by being located in the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) region, which is one of the most popular areas to work with an outsourcing agency.

If you are wondering whether such a solution would benefit your company, here are some arguments that it is indeed worth considering.

1. Communication skills

Polish programmers are fluent in more than just the language of code. The EF English Proficiency Index ranking placed Poland in the High proficiency of using English category. No wonder – there is a huge emphasis on learning English in Poland. For this reason, Polish programmers excel in the international market and have no problems working with foreign clients even on the most demanding projects.

2. Young talents

As many as 90% of programmers in Poland have higher education, graduating from majors that develop comprehensive knowledge such as mathematics or statistics. What’s more, about 18,000 people are graduating from ICT-related studies.

HackerRank ranked Poland third if it were to compete with other countries in the Programming Olympiad. In the same ranking, Poland ranked first in terms of Java usage. No wonder – the research says Poland boasts some of the most talented specialists in technologies such as Java, JavaScript, .Net, Python, Objective C, C ++, and Ruby on Rails.

According to the 2018 Developer Skills Report, Poland also ranks fourth in the category of youngest programmers learning to code.

3. Viability

Outsourcing in Poland is an option that is not only advantageous due to its high quality but also… savings. Poland boasts a huge number of IT companies worthy of attention, with their main centers located in cities such as Wroclaw, Warsaw, Krakow, and Poznan. According to data from No Fluff Jobs, Polish programmers earn an average of $2,800 per month. These wages are almost twice as low as the average wages of virtually any other Western European country, which means that the involvement of top Polish software development outsourcing companies can compare much more beneficial to companies from other countries.

4. Good place for investment

The global coronavirus pandemic that has put the world economy to the test has proven, that Poland is a country of great strength and commitment which has ranked it 3 of the 80 best places to grow business and develop investments according to CEO Magazine. The published report shows the results in terms of market potential, infrastructure, technological readiness, as well as investor protection, and workforce.

5. Two time zones are better than one?

For American companies, cooperation with Polish outsourcing agencies ensures 24-hour control over the project. This is extremely beneficial because such conditions guarantee that in the event of an error, the Polish team is able to respond after the American programmers have finished their work. Location in a country belonging to the European Union also ensures stability and security of cooperation. Every two time zones are not one!

Outsourcing can help your company grow

The search for the perfect programmer is not easy, but outsourcing makes the process much easier and possible. Pandemic has proven that remote hiring can be just as effective as desktop hiring which has greatly influenced the development of outsourcing worldwide. However, it should be remembered that the outsourcing adventure should start with the preparation of a solid strategy and budget for the next few years, as well as analyzing the locations of outsourcing destinations to gain quality and finances. Undoubtedly, outsourcing is a trend that will grow over the years because it greatly expands the search area for the perfect employee.

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