Wifi Protector Prevents Data Theft Over WiFi Networks (Android)


androidlogoIf you are accessing the Internet on a public Wi-Fi hotspot and worried about your privacy and personal data theft or prevent you accessing the Wi-Fi network, Wifi Protector can help you. It is a simple Android security app designed to detect and prevent all kinds of ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) related attacks in WiFi Networks.

Wifi Protector runs a service on your Android phone that continuously monitors network-related parameters. If anything-abnormal behavior is detected, it will trigger an alarm.


However, though, the detection works on all phones, protection and prevention works only on rooted phones.

I think the app has its own importance, especially if you’re accessing the internet on a unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot, because, on a wifi network anyone who’s interested can see what you’re doing on the network, there are several tools for the same.

Wifi Protector can be downloaded from this link (Android Market) (via)


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