Malware free URL shortening service from Bitdefender

Because of the popularity of social sharing sites like Twitter, Facebook and the recently introduced Google Buzz, URL shortening has also becoming popular. A short URL makes it easy to share, tweet or email a friend.

But one of the main drawbacks of URL shortening services is that hackers or cyber criminals can make use of it to redirect people to phishing web sites. It is easy, because the original link is not known to the public.

Of course there are several tools and services (like AVG Link Scanner) available for testing the shortened URL, but they are not always practical.

Bitdefender, the trusted security company has started a new URL shortening service, that not only creates a short link, but it also scans the content of the corresponding page for malware and phishing.

The advantage is that, the user can make sure that the URLs shortened with do not pose any danger.

This service also offers a bookmarklet which adds a button to your browser and allows you to shorten the web address with a click. Visit / More information. (via)

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