Guidelines to Avoid Common and Dangerous Passwords (infographic)


passwordIt is a know fact that majority of users still ignorant about the need of strong password for their online accounts. A recent survey conducted by ZoneAlarm reveals that more than 70 % of the people still using their personal information and common words for passwords, which are easy to discover, because Cyber criminals use sophisticated tools that can quickly figure out the password.
The below infographic by ZoneAlarm illustrates some of the most commonly made mistakes people make when selecting a password, plus some tips on how to make your password more secure. [Click on the image to view in Full size]password-zoneAlarm

Follow the guidelines given below to choose a crack-proof password for your online account.

  1. Avoid dictionary words in any language
  2. Avoid words spelled backward, common misspellings and abbreviations
  3. Don’t use sequence or repeated characters such as using a raw of adjacent letters, or numbers on your keyboard
  4. Don’t use personal information such as your name, birthday, driving license, etc.
  5. Use more than 10 letters (15 letters is preferable) in your password. [via – ZoneAlarm]



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