AVG Threat Labs Checks Website Security in detail


AVGAVG has announced a public beta of their new threats information portal called Threat Labs where users can submit a website’s URL address and receive an instant report detailing the site’s trustworthiness.

By giving address (URL) of a web site, it will analyze the website and give last 30 days detailed reports – the number of threats, compromised web pages, site’s server location, site’s popularity and an in-depth analysis of the website in question.AVG-Threat-Labs

The service is similar to their unique LinkScanner real-time surf and search technology, but at a far more comprehensive level.

In the chaos that surrounds our day to day activity on the internet we seldom realize the dangers that hover around us in inconspicuous forms. So, AVG’s this early warning system has a greater role in our day to day online life. Check websites before visiting with AVG’s Treat Labs.

More information at AVG Threat Labs.



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