Chrome Beta 21 Adds Native Support For Webcam And Microphone


In recent years, there have been no major changes in how we use our webcam in a web browser, but now this situation has changed with the release of Chrome Beta 21 by adding native support for webcam and microphone. Web apps can now access your camera and microphone right within the Chrome, without a plug-in.

Chrome Beta 21 represents a major milestone for the browser. Its support for getUserMedia API, a big first step for WebRTC (a new real-time communications standard) allows web sites to access the camera and microphone natively, without any plug-in.


The getUserMedia API also allows sites to create cool new experiences that weren’t previously possible in the browser. For example, try Magic Xylophone created by Stinkdigital in your Chrome beta 21. You can play it just by waving your hands in front of the camera.

Although WebRTC is in its beginning stage and its use isn’t common yet, this new technology lays the foundation for a new, more efficient way of communication. [Via]


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