Unlock SIM Locked Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 Without Any Special Tool

Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in both SIM locked (carrier locked) and SIM unlocked conditions for purchasing. While SIM unlocked S4 can be used anywhere without any restrictions, SIM locked version can only be used in specific countries and under specified networks. Here is how to unlock SIM locked Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 for using in any country and under any network.


Galaxy S4 provides users a way to carrier unlock (SIM unlock) their phone with few steps. It is fairly a simple process and requires no special tool. Just follow below steps to SIM unlock Galaxy S4 GT-I9505.

Warning: Though it looks like a simple process, unlocking your device is a risky job. Do it at your own risk. We’ll not take any responsibility for any loss caused by this method. In addition, this method is for Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 only.

1. Enter into Service Mode: Dial *#0011# and press Menu button (left soft key) and then tap Back key from the list.

Once gain press Menu key and select KEY INPUT. Enter 1 and press the OK button.

2. Enter into Service Mode main menu: Press Menu button and then tap Back key again.

In Service Mode main menu, tap [1] UMTS -> [1]DEBUG SCREEN -> [6] PHONE CONTROL -> [6] NETWORK LOCK.

SIM Unlock Galaxy S4 1

You will get three options. Tap the option [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF.

SIM Unlock Galaxy S4 2

3. Go back to Service Mode main menu: Press Menu button and then Back key to return to main menu. In Main Menu, choose [6]COMMON, and then [6] NV REBUILD.

SIM Unlock Galaxy S4 3

Now, your phone will say that a Golden Backup exists. Just tap [4] Restore Back-up option.

4. Final: To complete the process requires few minutes, so be patient. After finishing the process your device will reboot automatically.

Once rebooted your Galaxy S4 is SIM unlocked (carrier or network unlocked) permanently. Enjoy!

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  1. mila

    Feb 18, 2014 at 3:02 pm

    Why after “Once gain press Menu key and select KEY INPUT. Enter 1 and press the OK button.

    2. Enter into Service Mode main menu: Press Menu button and then tap Back key again.”
    Why after this do I nt hv access to the main menu?

    • rjmatrix

      Oct 6, 2014 at 1:10 pm

      I tried it. it does’nt work. maybe the service provider disable the service mode. or they remove the golden backup.
      any update with these matter?

  2. faiza

    Dec 11, 2013 at 1:10 am

    hi.. i have been trying these steps, but after entering the key input 1, its not taking me to the main menu to follow the next steps i.e, selecting UMTS .. what shall i do?? Please help me..

  3. Motion

    Oct 30, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    If i select 1, it dosent go to the main menu. pls help

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