If you do a lot of writing every day, you know the advantages of a distraction-free text editor. With it, you can concentrate on your writing and reduce your eyestrain. If you are looking for a neat, full screen text editor, you can consider Pillarbox a try. This Chrome extension turns your browser into a distraction free text editor.Pillarbox
This offline text editor is meant for long distraction-free writing sessions (not for taking quick notes) and offers typewriter scrolling, auto save function, built-in writing timer, spell check, etc.

Pillarbox’s appearance is fully customizable. Background color, font color, font size, font family, etc can be customized from the extension option menu (Tools – Extension – Pillarbox – Options). However, basic CSS knowledge required.


Note: Though it saves the text locally, it cannot be saved to a file (it will be added as soon as Chrome makes it possible). Therefore, after finishing your writing you need to copy and paste them into a document editor.

You can install Pillarbox from Chrome Web Store


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