Install Original Galaxy S5 Accuweather Widget on Galaxy S4 and Note 3

Samsung Galaxy S5 has a new version of the AccuWeather Clock widget. In addition to the updated graphics and flat design, the Galaxy S5 Accuweather widget allows you to change its transparency level, so you can blend the weather information with your home screen image.


If you like to get this original Galaxy S5 Accuweather widget on your Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3, you can simply add it to your device. An XDA member has managed to extract the weather widget apk from S5 and ported to work on older Galaxy devices.

Installation Instruction:

Keep in mind that, being a system app you required root access on your device to install it. Also, note that this widget works only in KitKat ROM with Samsung’s Touchwiz launcher.

1. Download the two apk file “S5 Accuweather widget” and “Weatherdaemon” from here.

2. Now, using any Root browser app, navigate to System/app folder and backup the two files “AccuweatherPhone2013.apk” and AccuweatherPhone2013.odex by adding .BAK extension to them (see screenshot).


3. Now, look for the two files “WeatherWidgetDaemon.apk” and “WeatherWidgetDaemon.odex” and rename them by adding .BAK extension at the end of the title.

4. Reboot your device, install the downloaded two apks (S5 Accuweather and Weatherdaemon) just like a normal apk file and again reboot your device.

4. Now, open Touchwiz launcher and put the Accuweather widget on the Home screen. That is it!

How to Restore Previous Weather Widget?

If you find any issue or want to restore to the previous Accuweather, just uninstall the two apk (step 4), then remove the .bak extension from the old apps (step 2 and 3). Reboot your device and you will be back to the original AccuWeather widget. (source)

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    Quiero el widget de clima de galaxy s 5

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