How to Update AVG Free Antivirus Offline (Quick tip)

AVGAVG Free edition updates automatically when you have an internet connection, but sometimes you even have to protect your PC from viruses when you are offline or a PC that do not have internet connection.

Here is how to update AVG Free edition offline. On a computer with an internet connection go to the AVG update download page and click on the virus definitions ‘lavi’ files.

Download and copy it to a USB pen drive or CD and transfer it to the offline computer that you want to update AVG Free.

Now open your Free AVG antivirus and in the menu bar, choose Tools – Update from directory. Find the virus defenition file on your hard disk and click OK.

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  1. aram

    Sep 21, 2011 at 4:14 am

    my virus defination file is on my computer but when i click on choose from directory avg does not showes it.

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