Get AOSP Android Kitkat Keyboard With Dedicated Number Row

One of the most appreciated features of the latest version of Samsung keyboard is the number row on top of the keypad that allows you to type 0 to 9 digits directly without going through the other key. This feature is also available on recently introduced beta version of SwiftKey.

You can bring the same feature on your phone running Android 4.3 and later. Thanks to XDA forum member BlueJack22 for creating the AOSP Keyboard with 5 Rows (number row on top). You can install this keyboard on all ROMs (AOSP, AOPK, CM, etc.).


Installation Instruction:

1. If your device is running on the original firmware or Samsung TouchWiz ROM, the installation does not require special procedures.

Download the keyboard (download link at the bottom of this post) and simply install it like any apk with a file manager.

Then activate the keyboard by going to “System and Language” option in your phone settings menu.

2. In case, your device is running on cooked AOSP firmware (CyanogenMod, OmniRom, AOPK, etc.) you need to move the apk manually to /system/app/ directory, and then reboot your phone.

Note: Currently, the Swipe function does not seem to work with this keyboard.

You can download AOSP Keyboard with 5 Rows from source here.

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  1. margtorruellas

    Jan 4, 2014 at 11:27 am

    The keyboard look awesome! Nice share dude.

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