Enable YouTube Feather and Watch Videos Without Break on Slow Connection

YouTubeFeather is a new YouTube feature that enables the browser to load videos much faster. This is achieved by using lowest possible latency, removing extra codes, options like sharing and by making use of advanced web techniques for reducing the total amount of bytes downloaded by the browser.

YouTube Feather is a quite useful feature, especially for those with slow internet connection. However, this feature is currently in the beta and may not support all videos.
To enable YouTube Feather option, just go to www.youtube.com/feather_beta and click “Join the Feature Beta” Link. Now you will experience your YouTube videos will load faster.


To disable YouTube Feather option, go to YouTube Feather link mentioned above and click “Leave the Feather Beta” or click “Permanently” link present at the right side of the page having a green background.

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