Enabling Reader Mode on Chrome for Android makes reading webpages with large text a lot easier. It will turn web pages that include large amounts of text into a book style –similar to the Kindle reading app. Reader Mode is an experimental feature that Google is planning to implement in the upcoming build of Chrome for Android. You can now enable Reader Mode on your Chrome for Android version 39.

You might want to know more about “Reader Mode” for Chrome. As told above, this option enables distraction free webpage text reading in Chrome browser. It is by stripping out all kinds of advertisements, images and extraneous layout from webpages. If enabled this feature, your Chrome looks very similar to the Kindle reading app along with some of the same customization features.

If you enable the Reader Mode, it will add a button to Chrome’s toolbar for viewing a more readable version of the current webpage. Taping this button will remove all advertisements, animations and unnecessary images from the page. Taping again will restore the default page.

How to enable Reader Mode on Chrome for Android

1. To enable Reader Mode on Chrome, type chrome://flags in the address bar and hit enter.


2. Scroll down the page and enable the entry “Enable Reader Mode Toolbar Icon”. Then relaunch your Chrome.

3. A button will show on the toolbar. When browsing a webpage, just tap this button to activate Reader Mode.


On Chrome Android version, the Reader Mode has a minimal UI, but very configurable. You can set the color scheme (light, dark, and sepia) and font size the way you want through a simple set of controls from Chrome Settings menu.


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