Enable More Browsing Space in Google Chrome and Firefox (How to)


Everyone who has a small computer screen (for example, netbook or tablet PCs) or wants to get more of a web page on their screen will certainly require some more room for their browser window. Here is how you can get more browsing space for your browser Firefox 4 and Google Chrome officially.

For Google Chrome: Recently Google has added an experimental feature called Compact Navigation to its browser Chrome (available with Chrome Canary and Chromium builds).


This feature adds a ‘hide the toolbar’ option to the Tabstrip’s context menu. You can use this option to disable (or enable) the toolbar to get more space.


To enable this feature, type about:flags in the address bar and hit enter. Scroll down and enable Compact Navigation option. Restart Chrome.

For Firefox: You can have this same feature for your Firefox also. The LessChrome HD Firefox extension by Mozilla Labs adds a more or less similar feature to Firefox 4 (Firefox 4 – 6) and gives more browsing space by hiding all things except the tab bar.


If you have installed this extension, by default, it will only show tabs at the top of the window, and pointing there will reveal the rest of the browser. Moving the mouse cursor back down makes it go away.

You can install the restart less extension LessChrome HD for Firefox 4 at Mozilla add-on site.



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