An innovative and best feature of Android 6.0 Marshmallow is ‘Doze’ battery saving, which can triple the battery life on your phone. Doze shuts down all nonessential functions, such as scanning for Wi-Fi, processing Facebook or WhatsApp notifications, etc. when the phone is sitting idle for a while and sends the device into ultra-low power state until you need to use it.

Doze is an automatic function that kicks in without you needing to activate it. However, if have an app that you want to keep away from the hands of Doze , you can disable Doze mode for that app. Read on to know how to disable Doze mode for specific apps in Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

How to Disable Doze Mode for Specific Apps in Marshmallow

1. Open the Settings -> Battery -> Options (three dots in the upper right)

2. Now, tap Battery Optimizations -> and tap the down arrow button -> then select All Apps.


3. From the list of apps, select the one that you want to disable Doze mode

4. In the box that appears, tap ‘Don’t optimize’ -> then tap Done.


Note: You can always return to normal mode by repeating the above process and tapping ‘Optimize’ option instead of ‘Don’t Optimize’ option.


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