Mouselock Online App Prevents People From Snooping Around Your Computer


You can prevent people from snooping around your computer by locking it every time you step away from it. There are many ways that you can prevent others accessing your PC. Mouselock is a dead simple, however an effective online app to keep snoopers at bay. Here is how to use Mouselock to catch the snoopers.

Mouselock is a simple to use online tool. All you need is a Gmail account and authorize with the app. Every time a snooper access your system, it will take his or her snapshot and an email will sent to you.

To use it, go to Mouselock website, sign in with your Gmail account, and authorize with the app. The app will display ten number buttons.


Select any button (that will be your unlock secret number); it will ask you to confirm and place the cursor into the slot. (If you have webcam, Mouselock will ask you to access it. Accept if you want snapshots of the person when the mouse is moved from the circle without unlocking)


Now, leave your computer alone. If anyone moves the mouse outside of the slot and don’t select the secret number within 5 seconds, a picture will be taken and an email is immediately sent to your Gmail account. That’s all!

Important Note: Mouselock does not prevent people from using your computer. It only lets you know the person, the time and the date of access. It is useful, if you’re looking for a quick and easy solution.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution, you may use Lockescreen Pro. This free tool secures your system with a password or USB drive and will take snapshot of the person in front of the PC whenever an incorrect password is entered.



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