View Temperature and Humidity on Galaxy S4 With Holo Ambient Temperature

Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with remarkable nine sensors, which includes a temperature and humidity sensor. It lets you check current temperature and humidity level of your surrounding environment. Galaxy S4 does not offer a quick option to use these sensors when in need; however, you can fully utilize these two sensors with an app called Holo Ambient Temperature.

Holo Ambient Temperature is a free app that allows you to quickly view the ambient temperature, humidity, dew point and pressure on Galaxy S4. It uses your device’s ambient temperature and humidity sensors for this.


The Holo interface of this app looks cool. Currently, it lets you monitor ambient temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, ambient humidity, dew point, altitude based on pressure, etc. The developer promises to include more features and performance improvements in the future update.

There are few other apps such as Ambient and Weather Station, which also brings the same functionality to your Galaxy S4 device.

Holo Ambient Temperature can be downloaded from Play Store.

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