Test the Accuracy of Android Phone’s Touch Screen


Android-newMobile phones with touchscreen are getting more and more popular, but how would you check the accuracy of your phone’s touch panel? Touchscreen related defects are not a rare thing; there are several chances for that. So you should thoroughly test your device before the warranty expires.

For Android mobile phones, the free app called Touch Test can be used. It shows display parameters, multiple touch points, and trails to let you see how linear your touch panel is.Touch-screen-test

It displays a 50-pixel grid which illustrates the screen sizes, and edge markers to check the registration of the screen edge with the surrounding bezel. When the screen is touched, it displays each touch point, with trails to allow the touchpanel accuracy to be judged.

How to Use Touch Test? Run the app, and check out the information on screen.

  1. The text near the top-left shows the display size in pixels, the current reported device orientation from the configuration info, and the reported display orientation.
  2. There is a 1-pixel border around the edge of the screen, and a set of triangles whose points are at the exact edge of the screen. These can be used to check that the display driver is mapping the frame buffer to the LCD correctly, and that the LCD is positioned correctly under the display bezel. (Useful for people bringing up new devices.)
  3. A 50-pixel grid is drawn in blue.
  4. The active pointers are drawn in different colors, both as circles marking the position, and crosshairs so it can be seen while the finger is there.
  5. Pointers are drawn in grey when no longer active, so you can see where they landed.

You can download the Touch Test app free for Android smart phone at here.



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