Streaming video from your computer to the iPhone and iPad

For playing video or listening music on your iPhone or iPad, usually you need to convert the video and audio files into a suitable format and then syncing them with the device using iTunes. But with the streaming application ZumoCast you needn’t to convert or sync anything, you can stream audio, video or photos from your computer to the iPhone or iPad.Suomo-cast ZumoCast is a free application and available for both Windows and Mac. Just download and install the app on your computer. While installing, you need to register a free account with ZumoCast.
After installation, select a folder that contains video, audio or photos to share in ZumoCast. All the contents in this folder are available via streaming on your iPhone or iPad.

Now install the ZumoCast app in your iPhone. Enter your ZumoCast username and password that you previously created. Now you’ll be able to browse the content of your shared folder right away.

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