OpenAppMkt: An Alternative App Store For iPhone and iPod Touch That Doesn’t Require Jailbreaking

OpenAppMKTIf you’re an iPhone or iPod Touch user, here is alternative app store for your device. And an interesting fact about this Apps store is that, to install an app or game it doesn’t require jailbreaking or approval from Apple. Why? Because, the apps at the alternative app store called OpenAppMkt are HTML5 Web apps.

That means, your iPhone only requires an application (OpenAppMkt) to open a browser session to access HTML5 Web apps. These apps don’t have access to your device’s storage or operating system directly, so it doesn’t require Apple approval.OpenAppMarket

But the negative side of these HTML5 apps are you can’t save settings or make use of other data on the phone.

With OpenAppMkt, you can find several apps and games in different category. Interested users can visit to OpenAppMarket to know more.

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