Import Contacts from Nokia to Android in vCard format

nokia_androidDid you just buy a new Android phone? And have you faced any problem for exporting contacts from your old phone to your new phone? Here is a simple solution.

vCardIO is a freeware application for Android phone that allows you to import and export contacts from or to a vCard (vcf) file on the SD card. Here is how to transfer contacts to your Android phone.

First of all, copy all your contacts from your old phone to a memory card. In Nokia mobile phone, click Options and choose Copy on Memory card and pullout.

Connect your Android to the PC, and then mount your SD card. As soon as your device will detect the memory card, use the application vCardIO to import the vcard to your contacts.

Watch the YouTube videoImport contacts to Android from Nokia” to get an idea about the process. More details about how to import/ export contacts with vCardIO available at developer’s page (link below).

Download the newest version of vCardIO at here. (via)

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