Configurable Home Screen Widget For Android


Though, there are several configurable home-screen widget, Dazzle configurable switcher is a first-rate configurable home-screen widget for Google’s android phones that lets you quickly access services like Bluetooth, WLAN, brightness or phone volume.Dazle-HS-widget
Dazzle configurable switcher widget features the following:

  1. Runs on Android 1.6 and later.
  2. Four widget sizes.
  3. Choose multiple controls from Ringer, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, airplane mode, sync, and brightness.
  4. Brightness control gives you three manual light settings plus control of auto mode.
  5. You can have multiple copies of the widget in use with different controls.

To use Dazzle, download and install it as a widget on your Android’s home screen. To do that, pick an empty spot on your home screen, long-press it, in the popup menu, select Widgets, then Dazzle [via]


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