Check if Your Emails Have Been Received With Mail Track from WhatsApp

If you are using Gmail, you can easily be notified when the recipient opens your email with Mail Track from WhatsApp. This chrome extension is an extremely effective and free solution for both business correspondences and individuals to ensure the proper person receives and reads the information that was sent.

The tracking feature of Mail Track chrome extension is not only alerts you when the recipient reads your emails, but it also lets you know the history of all the days and hours that your recipients have opened your messages.

Using Mail Track is simple – install the extension from Chrome Web Store and sign in with your Gmail account when asking. Now onwards, when a recipient(s) reads your email you should see a “double check” against your send email. Just hove your mouse over it to see further details such as who opened your mail and at which time.


If you are looking email-tracking feature for your Gmail, MailTrack is an extremely effective and free solution. You can get more details about the extension from developer’s web site.

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Now if you are worried about your email contents and sharing your email address, the developer claims that they do not access your message content, but access sender and recipient addresses, because they are essential information need for tracking emails.

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    Mar 29, 2016 at 11:13 am

    How exactly whatsapp linked to this feature

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