Learn How to Stay Safe and Still Have Fun on Facebook (user guide)

Because of the virtual identities created on social networks like Facebook, often mirror user’s real personas, making them vulnerable to identity theft. Whether you are a young adult, parents, educator, or whatever will you be, it is very important to protect our real identities from strangers, avoid scammers, and stop imposters for a peaceful mind.
If you are an avid Facebook user, here is a very good guide (official) to learn how to stay safe and still have fun online. Because of the larger user base and popularity of Facebbok, cybercriminals and scammers targeting this social network like mad.

You can learn the following things from this official user guide to Facebook security.

  1. Protect your Facebook account
  2. Avoid the scammers
  3. Use advanced security settings
  4. Recover a hacked Facebook account
  5. Stop imposters

You can download the eBook ‘A Guide to Facebook security ‘(PDF) free at here.[via]

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