Quickly Close Running Metro Apps in Windows 8

There are different methods to close a running Metro app in Windows 8. The simplest method is by just clicking and dragging the app from the top edge of the screen to the bottom end of the screen or by swiping in touch screens. Here is a tiny application to improve the way of closing Metro apps (aka Modern UI apps). Called “Close Threshold for Metro Apps” this app lets you able to do much smaller mouse movements or touch “swipes” to close any running app.

Close Threshold for Metro Apps is quite simple to use. Just run it, set sliders (Threshold for close via mouse or Threshold for close via touch gestures) to left, and click “Save Changes” button.


From now, you won’t need to drag the Metro application to the bottom edge of the screen to close it. Just dragging it will close the app.

Moreover, with Close Threshold for Metro Apps you can also disable Metro apps closing with mouse or with touch. Also, all changes can be revert back to original by clicking “Reset to Default” button.

Close Threshold for Metro Apps can be downloaded from developer’s website here.


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  1. mash

    Aug 28, 2012 at 10:32 pm

    thanks.. it’s a life saver… could not close apps coz my finger reached the bottom of touchpad before the cursor reached the bootom of the screen. Also there is no working elantech driver for my asus laptop, so i couldn’t enable edgemotion like feature.

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