Maps App for Windows 8: Experience Touch Optimized Google Maps on Windows 8

Windows 8 has a built in Maps app powered by Bing, but if you aren’t satisfied with it, there is another Maps app available at Windows Store which is worth to check it out. Called Maps App, it uses the Google Maps API, so you will get virtually the same experience that the official Google Maps has.

The best part of this Maps app is that it is fully optimized for the touch screen devices, so you can use it on your Surface Pro (or any Windows 8 device with touch screen) with little effort.


It features integrated business search (you can find business locations and contact information all in one location), click and drag maps to view adjacent sections instantly, satellite imagery, street view and detailed directions.

Maps app for Windows 8 is free and support Windows 8 and Windows RT. You can install Maps App from here.


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