IObit Unlocker Lets You Solve Windows Cannot Delete Problem


Sometimes, you may not possible to delete, copy, move, or rename a file or folder in Windows PC, especially which was opened by a program in a while. To tackle the problem, there is a handy tool called IObit Unlocker.

IObit Unlocker is designed to be a simple to use program for all Windows users to tackle the ‘cannot delete’ or ‘cannot copy’ problem.

It is quite easy to use. After installing the tool, just right click on the file or folder blocked by a program. You can also unlock multiple files and folders by just dragging them to the program window.


To perform the process even simpler, there are options such as ‘Unlock and Delete’, ‘Unlock and Rename’, ‘Unlock and Move’, and ‘Unlock and Copy’.

IObit Unlocker is currently in beta, and can be downloaded at source (via)


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