Greenify Now Supports Android 6.0 Marshmallow (Download)

The best-known battery saving app Greenify now supports Android 6.0 Marshmallow with new ‘Shallow Hibernation’ engine. The latest version fixes various bugs and improves its working performance. The new Greenify no longer hibernate foreground-running apps, even if ‘state always ignored’. Also, rooted users can use ‘Hibernate and Lockscreen’ shortcut with Smart Lock.

The upcoming Android 6.0 Marshmallow will have a similar feature called ‘Doze Mode’ to save battery life. This mode will put your phone into deep sleep whenever it is left on standby, prolonging your battery life. So, the question here is does Greenify can do anything more on Android 6.0 to save battery life?


For your information, Greenify is designed to kill apps when they have been idle for a certain amount of time, inevitably saving you from frequently charging your phone. However, it is not just a battery saving app, it can also increase performance of your phone by hibernating background running apps. Greenfy can ensure that apps are not running when not using them. Though it works both on non-rooted and rooted devices, it offers more functionality on rooted phones.

Below is the complete changelog of the latest release of Greenify.

– Experimental support for Android 6.0, with new “Shallow Hibernation” engine.
– Auto-hibernation in non-root mode now dims the screen, no more annoying screen flicking.
– Hibernate and Lock Screen shortcut is now compatible with Smart Lock (root only).
– Foreground app no longer hibernates even if “state always ignored”.
– Native processes are also cleaned in hibernation, to prevent self-awakening.
– Fixed app running state detection on Android 5.1.1_r9 & 6.0.
– Fixed the “Wake-up” in Tasker plug-in.

Greenfy is a free download on Play store and worth to try. You can download the latest version of Greenfy app (2.7.1) APK [HERE] or install on your phone from Play store [HERE]

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