GEAK Camera: Fast and Lightweight Camera App for Android Phone

Most Android smartphones have a decent camera onboard with lots of extra features, but if you are really struggling with the built-in camera software, then try the new GEAK Camera app. It is lightweight (just a 400 kb download), fast and simple to use. The real-time filters let you choose the best one for your photos before capturing a photo.


Of course, any camera can create good photographs in the right hands. However, if you are struggling with the complicated settings of your camera software, you may like the GEAK Camera app. Based on the OpenGL technology, the app is very fast and simple to operate Рno complicated settings or adjustments, but at the same time brings quality photos.

One of the main features of this camera app is its real-time filters. Just with a tap, you can view your moments through 9 brilliant filters, then you can choose the best one for your photo at the same time.

This camera app provides three kinds of shooting modes: Camera, video, and square. You can choose the shooting modes just sliding the screen right or left. In camera mode you can take your moments quickly as well as experience the iOS filters. You can snap the moment using volume keys or on-screen camera button.


In video mode, you can record videos easily. Just slide the screen to the video mode and tap the red button to record video. You can also shoot photos while taking a video.

The Square mode lets you take square photos that you can send to your favorite social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp. GEAK Camera app can be downloaded from Play store [HERE].

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