There are lot of free launchers on the Google Play store that enable users to really customize and personalize their Android phone, but none quite match up to the personalization options available in the free Polaris Launcher app. Thanks to the full settings menu, through which you can change virtually every aspect of your phone’s interface.


The Polaris launcher lets you customize and personalize your phone, as you like. It supports themes and icon packs, offers gestures for controlling launcher functions, brings notifications for missed calls, SMS and emails, home and dock animations, parallax wallpaper effect and much more – everything is fully customizable and free.

In addition to the usual launcher features, Polaris Launcher offers some innovative features that we do not see in other launchers. For instance, the floating ‘System monitor’ lets you see CPU & RAM usage, network usage and network traffic of your device. Also, the ‘Launchpad’ widget allows you launch your most important apps quickly from any screen.

Polaris Launcher is compatible with all Android devices (phone, phablet and tablet). It is certainly outstanding by its wealth of functions and the amount of customization that it offers. However, currently it is a Beta version, so it might contain few bugs.

You can download Polaris Launcher free from Play Store


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